Advanced 3D X-ray imaging based on wavefront sensing technologies

3DXLight is a FET Innovation Launchpad project aiming at exploring the benefits and applications of new X-ray imaging methods demonstrated during the FET-Open VOXEL project. Based on technical approaches derived from X-ray wavefront sensing technologies, 3DXLight will focus on the exploitation of:

  • An X-ray Plenoptic camera, as a novel imaging system providing 3D images from a single acquisition. Such a device enables:

 – a significant decrease in the X-ray dose sent to the inert, biological or living sample

– fast acquisition time providing 4D real time imaging

– compatibility with conventional X-ray source, as a way to  limit price and complexity 



  • A compact X-ray phase tomography system compatible with laboratory X-ray source that enables:

 – high sensitivity absolute phase imaging

– direct measurement of the real (delta) and imaginary (beta) parts of the refractive index

– compact set-up 


3DXLight has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 851956”.


Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic logo

Imagine Optic is a French SME, founded in 1996. In 2018, Imagine Optic employed 44 persons equivalent full-time with an annual turnover of 4.53 M€. Imagine Optic designs, develops, manufactures and sales wavefront metrology and adaptive optics solutions based on Hartmann and Shack-Hartmann technologies.

Four main areas of development are pursued:

– optical metrology,

– adaptive optics for lasers,

– adaptive optics for microscopy

– and on metrology and adaptive optics for X-EUV applications.

Imagine Optic has its headquarter located in Orsay and an office in Bordeaux, dedicated to X-ray imaging.